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Blackjack was living in Tucson when a concerned neighbor contacted CFH to find out what could be done to help this poor horse.  Arizona Livestock officers had been out on site and said the horse was fine.  So the owner was able to keep it.  This upset the neighbor terribly.  After quite some time the concerned neighbor was able to convince the owner to give him the horse.  After getting the horse he was given to CFH to see if we could bring him back from his severe starvation.  In addition to being extremely starved Balckjack’s feet were in horrific shape.

Blackjack went to a home where he was monitored 24/7 and given small feedings until such time he could eat regularly.  It was determined by the veterinarian that he was in his very late 20’s and his teeth were about worn out.  His feedings consisted of “mush” soaked pellets, chafe hay and senior feed.

The farrier came out frequently to work on getting his hooves back to a normal state as we could only trim a little at a time.  Additionally he was very unstable and had problems standing while the trimming was done.

It took almost a year for Blackjack to become filled out and looking and feeling like he was the black stallion.  Blackjack lived for 4 years after being rescued.

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