Hank Rescued 12-18-10

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Hank is a 12 yr old gelding that was hurt when he ran through barbed wire fencing and then could not be ridden.  His owners at that time did not care for his wounds and eventually fed him less and less.  A concerned neighbor asked if she could take the horse and care for it to bring him back to health.  After awhile the neighbor found it hard to keep up with the feed and felt about about the wounds which improved some.

Eventually the neighbor called CFH and asked if we could help.

Hank was extremely underweight, was anemic and also had a large proudflesh wound on his front foot.  After our foster home started him slowly on a great feed program and numerous surgeries on his hoof to remove the proudflesh, Hank returned to a normal weight horse.

Hank has recently been adopted.

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