Hercules Rescued September 2010

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Our Latest Rescue

We recently took in a small pony that had been abused and neglected.  While he was sick with colic his owner sold him to a novice family who did not know how to properly care for him.  Sometime during the days when he was colicking, a hose had been inserted into his rectum to flush or lubricate him so he would go to the bathroom.  He was put on a 4-acre lot full of fresh green grass to feed him.  Thus he became more ill.  We were called by an interested party to see if we could help.  The pony was evaluated and determined to be septic, very lethargic and could barely walk.  He was wobbly and had no gut sounds.  Additionally there were many open wounds over his entire body and head.  It appears he has rope burn trauma on his head and hind legs.  He also had numerous old wounds that were full of flies. The owners were not going to be in a position to provide any veterinary care and he was signed over to CFH to get him the needed medical care he urgently needed.  The vet was on site within the hour to see if he could be saved.  He was in critical condition.  We did IV fluids throughout the night, pain medication and antibiotics are continuing.  He did make it through the first 12 hours and appeared to be holding steady.  However, he has started to have some setbacks tonight.  His care is costly and we are asking for your help to cover hid medical bills.  This little guy will have a long road to recovery and we are all praying that he will make it through this ordeal.  You may help us by sending a donation for him to PO Box 884, Sierra Vista, AZ  85635.   We are going to call him Toughnut as we think he strong and to tough to die, just like the city of Tombstone and their very famous road Toughnut.  Thank you for your support.

Update 8/26/10 – bloodwork shows increased white blood count, elevated liver enzymes, low calcium and severely low protein resulting in his running fevers and causing the edema under his belly and in his legs.  We will run some protein fluid with calcium through him today and see if that starts to make a difference for him.

9/1/10 we finally have some improvement.  The wounds are healing nicely.  The 2″x3″ wound that is about 1-2″ deep under his chest has broke open and is draining nicely.  His temperature and HR are stabilizing.  We are in need of LARGE, XL, XXL or larger long and short sleeve t-shirts.  We are using these to protect the open wounds from the flies while they heal.  If you have shirts you can donate, please call Cyndi at 520-559-1697 and they can be picked up or you can even call Cyndi to make arrangements to see Toughnut and see how the shirts will be utilized. 

Now he has recovered fully and is enjoying his new life as our Care For the Horses mascot.

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