Indio – Starvation Case

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Indio is 25 yrs. old and came to us in a severe state of starvation.  His owner in phoenix gave him away to someone in Benson area through a craiglist psoting.  Once down in Benson the new owner could not afford to keep him.  In early may CFH was contacted to take the horse into the program.

With his new foster home giving him lots of TLC and being on a good feeding program Indio is starting to gain some of his needed weight back.

During the recent fire Indio was evacuated to the SVRC and did well with the stress of moving and having all the other horses around.

Due to his teeth being to worn to fix and his age, Indio will be required to be on a mush type diet the rest of his life.

Indio will not be rideable by an adult, but a small child could be led around on him.

Update – November 16, 2011

Indio was adopted and arrived at his new home in the Sonoita area.  He now has a donkey and another horse that will keep him great company.

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