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Spike was being boarded at a local boarding stables in Sierra Vista.  The owner of Spike was not living in the area and was trusting the boarding stables to use the boarding fee to pay for feed for him. 

Some concerned neighbors contacted CFH and a site visit was done.  When we arrived we found Spike along with another horse that were in a state of starvation.  The other horse belonged to a teenager who did visit her horse from time to time and therefore her horse was given more to feed than Spike was.

Both horses were removed immediately.  Spike’s owner was contacted and shown pictures of his condition.  CFH was surprised to learn that Spike had at one time been a national halter champion horse for the Appaloosa registery.  He certainly did not look like a champion now.

As for the other horse, the owner was contacted and was very upset about her horse being confiscated by CFH.  But later she was happy that her mare would be getting great care.  The owner was allowed to adopt her horse back with the condition that CFH would be able to do regular checks on her and that we would always need to know where the horse was stabled or to whom it may be sold to.

As for Spike, he took alot of groceries to fill him up.  His weight was about 900 lbs. upon his arrival and today he weights in at 1,250 which would be his normal weight for a horse of his size.

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