Baby Midnight’s Story


 This little 5 month old filly lost her mom to starvation in September.  The mare and filly were seen by a local veterinarian who scored the mare at a 1 with a bad heart murmer and extreme hydration.  Both the mare and foal were allowed to go home with the owners, later that day CFH received a call that the mare collapsed in the trailer and was now laying on the side of the road.  Efforts were made to hydrate her to try and save her for the sake of the foal.  Our efforts failed.

The little filly is very thin, stunted, has many wounds on it and a severe hernia which will require surgery when she is strong enough to withstand it.

Surgery to have the hernia repaired and a chest wound which has proud fleshed will be scheduled in early January at the surgery center in Gilbert, AZ. 

1/7/12 Update – A recent vet check showed that Precious has swollen joints that are painful.  Her diet was changed to eliminate some of the protein she was getting in hopes that will help the problem.  Until the joints are normal the surgery has been put on hold so that she will be in the best health possible for the upcoming surgery.

Her foster parents changed her name to Precious due toher sweet little personality and they have decided that they would like to adopt her and therefore she will stay with them for her new forever home.

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