El Mer Fad aka “Coal” Story

In September 2011 we were given the opportunity to pick up baby Midnight “aka” Precious from her owner after her mother died from complications of starvation and nursing.  However in order to get her we were requested to pick up another gelding that belonged to the same owner that had been turned out to fend for himself because he could not afford to feed him.

So off our volunteers went to get the foal and gelding.  Coal turned out to be 15 yrs. old, a very nice horse and loved people and rode like a dream.  Knowing this we offered him free to a 4-H person and there were no takers for him.  Then we found a foster home that thought they would love to adopt him, but it just did not work out.  We tried to have several other people look at him, but he just reacted like he was scared and very mean, kicking, rearing and very difficult to handle overall.  Needless to say we were concerned about what had happened to our nice and friendly horse.

In early March a call was received one morning from a lady stating that she thought CFH may have one of her horses.  She came to look at Coal and brought along pictures of a mare and foal that she had 15 years ago when she was an Arabian horse breeder.  Turned out it was Coal and he knew her right away.  He went directly to her and buried his head in her chest, you see he knew this lady as she imprinted him when he was born.  Well after alot of happy tears it was decided that Coal should go home to his original owner as she was now able to have him again. 

After looking at Precious and the pictures of here mother, it was found out that Precious and Coal had the same mother and are half brother and sister. 

We are pleased to say that El Mer Fad aka “Coal” is home and happy where he belongs.

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