Abby & Zane – 7/6/12


Abby as rescued on 7/6/12

  Abby improving slowly due to bleeding ulcers 10/15/12


Zane today 11/17/12

Zane as rescued on 7/6/12


 A call was received to one of our board members from a horse owner who said that his horse was on the ground for a number of hours and appeared to be sick.  When our board member responded to the call she found these 2 emaciated horses.  One horse was down and it appeared that it was having a bout of colic.  The horse owner was told that these horses were severely underweight and they would need to relenquish them to CFH in order to receive the proper care they needed.  The owners were reluctant at first but then when they were told they could be arrested for having horses in this condition they did finally let CFH take them. 

Upon arriving at the facility they were quickly vet checked to determine the extent of their starvation and to make sure that CFH would provide the proper diet for them.

The brown horse had a body score of 1 and weighed 617 lbs.  The grey mare had a body score of 3 but appeared to have an infection.  Both horses are very wormy, but had no signs of sand.

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