Dyanmite Product Dealer

Dynamaite Products are wonderful.  They are cost effective and we find that their products really helps with the many different needs of the horses we rescue.  Continue reading to find out the difference between Dynamite products and the ones that your feed stores sell.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients in all Dynamite products are the highest quality available to us. We use organic and human-grade ingredients whenever possible.

Formula Synergy

Dynamite recognizes the synergy of nutritional elements when blended together to create a product. Dynamite formulas produce a balanced feed, similar to the forage sources found in nature.

Mineral Bioavailability

Increased bioavailability of the minerals in Dynamite products are made possible because of the amino-acid chelates. These unique mineral forms, which are body ready, are key to optimal health.

Company Integrity

We guarantee our products to be the finest quality products available and we stand behind that statement with a 100% money-back guarantee.

You can view all Dynamite Products and purchase your items by clicking on this link.  You will be getting a super product and supporting Care For The Horses at the same time.

Dynamite Products


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