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I would like to thank everyone for their patience with the research being done by Care For The Horses regarding how and where these foals were found in the desert. Due to the fact that this is a fairly common practice by horse owners in general, as we have seen and had many of these over the years of various breeds, it was not questioned by the person who gave them to us. However, as more questions were asked of the individual for the exact location, requests for more pictures of them as they were found lying in the desert, etc. it became clear that some of the information was just not adding up. The reluctance of the individual to provide this clearly raised our suspicions. It has taken us some time to find out the truth and here it is.

An anonymous tip came in this morning stating that these two along with others had been posted on Craigslist for sale. That information was posted on FB and that information made its way to the poster of the ad. The poster of the ad contacted myself (Ann Jost) and It was confirmed that this person did in fact have these two foals and they were for sale along with many other foals.
These two foals were given to this person who is a horse dealer in the Phoenix/New River area to sell when it was decided by the owners that they did not want the foals. It was his understanding that the foals were about 3-4 months of age and ready for weaning. This man did in fact state the bay was thin and had trouble walking, laid down quite a bit and it appeared that he may have some hock issues going on and that the puncture occurred on its knee while in transit to his place from the breeders.
The foals were then given to a lady who wanted them and it was her goal to continue with their care and recovery and give them a forever home. However, this person found that after 3 weeks of taking care of them and providing the necessary medical care for the infection on the knee that it was more than she and her family could take on as they travel considerably for their jobs. The bay did require assistance in getting up every 4 hours and she provided that care on an ongoing basis as he was struggling to get up by himself.

Calls were made to a number of rescues in the Phoenix area to see if they were accepting any horses and she was told that they were full. She felt she could not take them back to the place where she got them, as she did not know how the broker had gotten them, and also knew they were really too young to have been weaned by the original owner. At this point she was feeling overwhelmed and was getting desperate as they were leaving town and her only goal was to get these little guys to a rescue that could properly care for them and the decision made to make up the story of finding them in the desert. Her thought process was that this is a well known practice and questions would not be asked and no one would get in trouble. The woman did apologize for her actions, but said she did it out of love to protect these innocent babies.

I, as President and Founder deeply apologize to everyone for the misinformation that Care For The Horses posted, but that was the information that we had received from the person who turned them over to us. All paperwork and statements stated that these were found in the desert, and we all know this happens more often than we would like to know.

All parties involved prior to the foals coming to our rescue just wanted to do what was best for these unwanted babies which was to properly care for them and find them forever homes. I hate to blame anyone for wrongful actions. The lie given to Care For The Horses about the circumstances of how they were found is very unfortunate.

For those individuals that have already donated to the care of these foals, I will offer refunds. Please just email me and let me know that you want a refund and I will be more than willing to do so under these unusual circumstances. If you have mailed a check to me, please call me at 520 559-2224 and let me know you would like your check returned. Again It was not our intent to mislead anyone in anyway.

However, the fact is these babies still have a long way to go to become healthy. Our rescue program will continue to provide ongoing feed, farrier work and medical care for these lovely babies for the upcoming months until we are assured by our vet that they can be weaned off of the milk replacement, and are ready to be gelded. Currently our time frame is to have them available for adoption in October. If you would like to donate towards this long term care it would be greatly appreciated. Any and all donations made for these foals will be earmarked for the foals care. Our rescue operates on a small budget and has a handful of volunteers that take care of these and our other horses waiting for adoption.

Again my sincerest apologies for this unfortunate situation. Our goal and passion is just to help horses in any way we can. I will continue to post updates on the foals progress as they progress in their road to recovery.

Every bit of information we have provided about their medical condition is true, the bay has eyes that have ulcerations on them from not being closed, he does have sores all over as you can see and a knee that is healing. Additionally, the pictures we posted are an accurate account of their body condition as they are taken almost daily. We are not out to mislead anyone in anyway, I want to make that very clear.

In ending this I would like to say I am however thankful that they were not laying in the desert with no food and water and in the heat, and were in caring hands until we got them. I think the person who gave them to us is thankful that the truth is now out in the open and so are we. Because both parties cooperated with getting the truth told there will be no charges filed.

Here is the story as was originally told to us.

On June 1, 2015 a person was riding in the desert in the Cave Creek area and came across two foals laying on the ground.  The temps were almost 100 degress.  One was barely alive at a body score of 1. The second was a bit healther but neither one could stand on their own. Arrangements were made to have the foals picked up and laid into a trailer as they could not get up on their own.

When they arrived at our rescue facility in Sierra Vista, they were assessed by Dr. Dusti Prentice who then body scored them at 1.5 for Lightening the one with the wounds and 2 for Cactus Cowboy.

If you would like to help with their care we will be in need of vet srap, banding tape 4″, and funding for their mare replacement milk and pellets which they will be on for the enxt 3-4 months.  Donations can be made by using the Paypal button and your Paypal account or your credit card.  You can also mail donations to PO Box 884, Sierra Vista, AZ  85635.
arab baby


lightning leg 1

These little guys went through a lot and we are so pleased that a good samaratin took the time and dedication to provide these little ones with around the clock care for three weeks.  The weakest of the two also had a severe infection in his left front leg. When they were strong enough to transport they were brought down to CFH to continue with their care and rehabilitation.

Little Lightening has his legs wrapped as the puncture wound although no longer infected has a lot of swelling that needs to be protected.  The many other wounds he has is from struggling to get up on his own and the wounds are open and we are keeping the flies out of them so they can heal.  Bandaging also allows more padding so he can push up and off on his legs without scraping the sores open again.

babies 1 week later babies milking cactus 1 week later

Updates on the babies will be posted regularly.

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