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Feed and Veterinary Assistance Program

It is the goal of Care For The Horses to provide assistance as may be needed to ensure that no horse(s) is subjected to neglect or abuse because no assistance was available.

There may come a time that an individual is facing some hardship, due to illness, job change, divorce, etc. At times like this a person may find it difficult to maintain their horses care both in feeding them and caring for their health needs.

This program is offered to ensure that during those times, help will be available for you to get you through those most difficult times.

It is very easy for someone to request assistance. All you need to do is to call Ann at (520) 378-0896 or leave a message if there is no answer and someone will contact you to find out how Care For The Horses may assist you. All information is kept confidential.

An appointment is setup to meet with you and access what kind of help may be needed and the possible duration that assistance will be provided.

Care For The Horses will provide feed, grain, foot care, and veterinarian care during this time to maintain the well being of your horse(s). Feed can be purchased at the local feed mills by the Care For The Horses program and you may just make the arrangements to pick it up. You may continue to use your personal farrier or veterinarian.

After assessing your situation, a contract will be filled out formalizing your request for assistance and what may need to be provided by the program.

Assistance is generally provided for 1-3 months as needed. Upon completion of the assistance period it is required that a portion of the costs for the care provided be reimbursed to Care For The Horses.

Repayment can be taken care of over a period of a few months, with a small payment plan setup for this. The program will work individuals to ensure that no further hardship is endured during the repayment process.

If you only need assistance with medical care for your horse(s), Care For The Horses will also provide financial assistance to ensure your horse’s health is maintained. As with the feed assistance, all you need to do to request help is to call Ann at (520) 378-0896 to set up a time to meet and formally request the type of care the program is to provide. Costs for the medical assistance provided to your horse(s) will be paid back again over a period of time to ensure than no further financial hardship will be placed on you.

If there comes the time after the 2-3 month feed assistance period that it is evident that you will not be able to provide for the permanent care your horse(s) require, the animals may be turned over to the program for foster care until a permanent home can be found. Should you choose this option, no further payment is to be received for the reimbursement of assistance that was previously provided by the program.

Our foster homes have been pre-certified to make sure that your horse(s) will be in the best hands possible. We know you want the best care possible to be provided to them when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

The public is informed via, posters, newspaper articles, and word of mouth etc. that there is a horse(s) available for adoption. Perspective adoptees are screened and the home where the horse(s) may go is certified to make sure that the best possible home is found for your horse.

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