Foster Homes Requirements

We frequently are in need of foster homes.  Our foster homes are used when a horse requires additional handling or training that a foster home may be able to provide.  Additionally there are times when a horse is injured and needs to have restrictions with exercise that we are not able to provide at our facility.  In that case we look for a home that may have pens or stalls available that can limit the amount of exercise the horse can have. 

Generally while a horse is being fostered, Care For The Horses pays for all the feed and care of the horse, however we do have some foster homes that provide the feed for us giving us some relief from that expense.

Our requirements for foster homes is that horses are to be fed a minimum of twice a day, fresh water should always be available, shade of some sort is required either by a shelter or large trees, a pen that is large enough for the horse to self-exercise if need be and that you treat the horse as you would your own. 

Our foster homes play an important role with the monitoring of the care or training the horse may require and also their input is needed in finding the right home for the horse.  Since foster homes spend a lot of time and learn to know the horse and its needs and habits well, we ask for the foster homes approval in placement of the horses they have.

For more information on becoming a foster home or for an application to be approved for a foster home at some time in the future, please contact Ann Jost at 520-559-2224.