Horses Available for Adoption

The horses shown below are waiting to be adopted by a loving person or family.  Please click on the links to view a brief history about each one.

Of course, there is much more to the horses’ stories than we have room to include in our Pet Finder ads.  If you would like more information about a particular horse, please contact us at 520-559-2224.  We would love to tell you more!


How to Adopt a Horse from CFH

The goal of our adoption service is to find the right permanent home for the horses that go through our program.  Tell us about your needs and expectations, and we will let you know if we have a horse available that would be a good match.  If so, an appointment is scheduled for a representative from Care For The Horses to visit the property where the horse is to be stabled.  During our visit, you will be asked to complete an Adoption Questionnaire.  You can also complete the questionnaire and send it to us at or P.O. Box 884, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635.  After the site visit, arrangements are made for you to meet the horse to see if a bond might be formed.

Most adoptions take place within a few weeks.  Requirements for adopting horses from CFH are as follows:

  • Shade: A shelter or trees must be available.
  • Pen: A pen must be a minimum of 100′ x 40′ for turnout purposes.
  • Feed: If a horse has special dietary needs you must be willing to continue with the feeding program.
  • Companionship: Generally other horses should be nearby as a horse is a herd animal (there are occasions when we have a horse that would do better as an only horse).