Mission Statement

To offer assistance as needed to ensure that no horse shall suffer from abuse or neglect.

About Us

Care For The Horses (CFH) is a non-profit 501 (c) organization dedicated to rescuing horses who have been abused or neglected and finding them an adoptive owner who is eager to give them a good home.  Help is also available for owners who need short-term assistance with the cost of feed or veterinary care through our Feed and Veterinary Assistance Program.*

Serving southern Arizona, CFH was founded by Ann Jost in 2002 after she discovered eleven starving horses while trail riding. It is run entirely by volunteers and is funded solely through donations.

Give A Horse A Chance

Every horse in our program has a story.  Rocky had neck and hoof injuries.  One-Eyed Jack lost an injured eye that was not properly cared for.  Like many horses who come into our program, both Rocky and One-Eyed Jack were also in a severe state of starvation.  In such cases special attention is given to providing nutritional requirements needed to bring the horse back to good health.  Depending on the case, this could take weeks or months.  Once a horse is healthy again, we evaluate it to determine its ride-ability and temperament so that we can match it to the right home for permanent placement.  Since horses are herd animals we do not place horses in a home where they would be an only horse. There are times however,  that we may have a horse that would be better placed in an only horse situation and that is noted on the write-up for that horse. We are rewarded for our efforts every time a sick horse becomes healthy, a starving horse becomes nourished, and an abused horse learns to trust.  For us, that is thanks enough.

Every horse in our program has a story. Read them now.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help horses like Rocky and One-Eyed Jack, we gratefully accept the following:

No matter how you choose to help, you will be making a big difference in the life of a horse.

*CFH does not charge a fee for its services.  However, owners whose horses are in our Feed and Veterinary Assistance Program are required to reimburse CFH for feed, veterinary and farrier care.

**Care For The Horses does not offer tax advice.  Please ask your financial planner or accountant about tax-deductible donations.